"I did promise that I will stick to the original plan to finish certain projects this past Spring, and unexpectedly the coronavirus epidemic erupted. I did remain at my post. Today, after considering all of the possible scenarios, we have a stable situation and the whole ministerial team is well prepared. I think that now is a good time to safely transfer my duties into the hands of my successor. He or she will exactly know what the next steps are. When speaking about any regrets I may have, or any sorrow connected to this decision, I must say that it is difficult to leave such a wonderful team of people. I did not realize that it is possible for such a team to exist in a government office on a national level. This is a fantastic team of people, which has proven itself in very critical moments. This team is like a special forces team, it is able to make things happen, and to react in a calm and professional way when problems arise. I think that the future Minister of Health will have fantastic people who will help to run day to day operations. I also declare my help, but as the outgoing team member I will not impose my ideas, as this will be the decision and role of the new Minister of Health", said Łukasz Szumowski.