In public television, Saryusz-Wolski was asked whether the repetition of the presidential elections in Belarus is real. 


‘Yes, it is real, although it is difficult. It depends on many issues, but mostly because of the controversial regime supported by Russian experts in Minsk. As far as anyone knows, the Belarusian television is run by Russians. They are senior representatives of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB RF) and political consultants’ - said Saryusz-Wolski. 


A Member of the European Parliament was also asked about the extraordinary European Council summit meeting concerning Belarus which was held on Wednesday. The most crucial decisions are that the European Union does not accept the result of the presidential election in Belarus, calls for cease of violence and appeals for dialogue. These postulates would lead to recovering from the crisis. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was calling for an extraordinary European Council summit meeting about a week ago. 


Saryusz-Wolski evaluated that the deficit of the summit’s decisions is a failure to include the threat from Russia. ‘There was no permission from everyone to tell Russia that there would be sanctions if it intervened. But it was a good decision to organise the summit meeting, it was good that they did not accept the results of the presidential elections in Belarus’ – he said.