"We want to implement financial measures to help those repressed in Belarus, and those who want to come to Poland, and build a Polish-Belarusian friendship. I believe that these changes which have begun are unstoppable. They will be growing like  a snowball. The need for freedom, democracy, and being part of the family of free nations will pull the Belarusian nation to the final victory. Over 10,000 Belarusian students are currently studying in Poland. We want this number to be higher, and we want it to be proof of Polish-Belarusian friendship. It is only natural that young people from Belarus learn about everyday life in Poland, go back to Belarus and tell their friends and families that Poland is a friend who wants to live in friendship and cooperation, especially economic, cultural, and scientific. Together with Belarus, we have our own beautiful history. We respect the Belarusian nation and its achievements, and that is why this program is not only directed to those repressed, but to everyone. However, those repressed by the Lukashenko regime will get special support from the Polish state", stated Morawiecki.