Michał Dworczyk was asked by TVN24 (Polish 24-hour commercial news channel) whether the government is prepared for the option, that the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko exacerbates actions against protesters. Mass protests took place on Sunday; therefore, we can expect confrontations from the Belarusian’s leader. 


‘We know that Alexander Lukashenko can undertake brutal actions, we observed that right after the elections, however, the size of protests is absolutely unprecedented’ – said the Chief of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland (KPRM). He emphasised that ‘the scale of this phenomenon led to the withdrawal of Lukashenko from repressions’.


‘Today the Prime Minister will submit the official invitation to the representatives of Parliamentary Clubs for Wednesday. We want to present all the actions which have been done within the EU and Poland. What is more, we want to talk with the representatives of Parliamentary Clubs about further actions, because undoubtedly the situation in Belarus will not end quickly’ – added. 


The main subject of the meeting will be the situation in Belarus. ‘We want a discussion and we are open to a dialogue. This situation should be considered beyond the current political dispute’ – said Dworczyk. 


The protests have started right after the presidential elections in Belarus which were held on the 9th of August. Many Belarusians believe that the results were falsified. During the protests, at least three people dead, 200 were injured. Last week almost 7 thousand people were arrested and brutally beaten.