"The winners will be the countries which will base their economic development on automation, robotics, and at the same time will be able to engage the workers, not leave people on the sidelines and include them in the process of economic development. And this truth leads us to the concept of a balanced vision of development. This is our fundamental premise, to get people involved and at the same time focus on the most modern technologies. We need to build on lasting foundations of our Polish culture, tradition and history. I need to bring this up on the occasion of this centennial of the Battle of Warsaw. We would not be here today if not for the fantastic victories of our predecessors. We also have with us today some of those brave predecessors from the freedom fights 40 years ago, of the era of Solidarity. This is exactly the model I am speaking about, the inclusive model, the way to include. This was the dream of our predecessors", said PM Morawiecki at the forum.