Grzegorz Wierzchowski was dismissed from the position of the curator of education in Łódź last week. The decision of the ministry coincided with the former curator’s statements criticising the LGBT ideology.

“The accusation regarding the work of mister curator appeared several months ago. These accusations did not regard his attitude towards the LGBT ideology nor his statements made for Trwam TV. The province governor filed the motion to dismiss on August 14th, on the 20th the decision came back, and what happened next was partly manipulated facts and an unfortunate coincidence of dates”, stated Minister Piontkowski.

The dismissed curator does not agree with this version of events.

“First they dismissed me, now they search for excuses. They were formulated so generally that you could say that about any curator. In terms of employees leaving… employees leave in every curator’s office, in others even more than in mine. I had many thanks from the parents. There were no complaints about me neglecting my duties. When it comes to cooperation with the local governments, I could complain about several local governments which closed schools when I did not agree to that”, said Grzegorz Wierzchowski.

According to Jakub Jałowiczor, columnist for “Gość Niedzielny” weekly, the way the Łódź curator was dismissed was unfortunate at the least.

“The Łódź province governor gave a rather long list of reasons against the curator, but I wonder why this dismissal came right after his statements, right after the liberals demanded his dismissal. If the reasons were indeed different, then this matter couldn’t have been handled more awkwardly”, commented Jałowiczor.

The curator’s dismissal came right before the beginning of the school year. As we found out, at this point there is no one person responsible for making important decisions.