Marcin Horała, who is the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Government Representative for the Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK), was a guest in Radio Gdańsk. 


In his opinion, the coronavirus’ pandemic would have a positive effect on the realization of this program. 


By 2027 ‘Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK) will not have been an operating airport, but a huge investment programme. Investment is much easier during the economic downturn since prices are lower, and there are more eager counterparties. On the other hand, that sort of investments is important to boost the economy – said Horała in Radio Gdańsk. 


Horała stressed that the airport is the fourth part of this investment programme. The rest are communication routes, mostly railways. 


‘At its peak, the investment programme of the Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK) will create 95 thousand workplaces in Poland. GDP’s added value will reach 126 billion PLN. We talk about the construction phase because the estimation of the economic impact is much more difficult’ – said the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Infrastructure. 


The Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK) is a megaproject of the Polish government aimed at the new airport’s railways construction. It will be located approximately 40 km (25mi) to the southwest of Warsaw. The planned launch of the post is 2027 and at first, the airport will have two runways, but ultimately four. Moreover, the project includes railways to the major Polish cities.