Within the next few days, articles about Poland will appear in international media. 


‘Solidarity should become a project for Europe. It is our proposition for the coming decades’ – wrote Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an article, which is going to be published in e.g. Italian ‘La Repubblica’, French ‘L’Opinion’, German ‘Die Welt’ or Swedish ‘Goeterborgs-Posten’. 


Prime Minister explained that ‘Solidarity’ formally was ‘a trade union organization, but in fact, it was a nationwide social movement, which united all Poles in one, full of faith, community’. 


‘The same spirit of ‘Solidarity’ is now needed in modern Europe’ – convey Prime Minister Morawiecki. ‘We are all at a turning point, and together we have to get back on track as a Commonwealth. Therefore, the attitude of genuine cooperation must prevail over selfishness. We want Europe to be as strong as Poland. I am sure that together we can shape the future if we assume the heritage of the ‘Solidarity’ as the base of our activities’ – wrote Polish Prime Minister. 


‘We tell the story of Poland’ is a project created by the team of the Institute of New Media. The main idea of the project is to get out to the World and tell the story of Poland, how it is and how we feel it. The Institute of New Media, in the collaborations with Polish diplomacy, Polish Development Fund, Foundation of the Industrial Development Agency, Foundation State of Poland, Polish Press Agency (PAP) and Foundation of PKO Bank Polski, prepared this edition of the project.