During Friday’s interview in the First Program of the Polish Radio, the President’s Chief of Cabinet asked about the situation in Belarus and the recent Lukashenko’s speech said that there is a diplomatic war against Belarus at the highest level. Meanwhile, in Poland, some statements appeared that after the probable dissolution of Belarus, Poland would get the Grodno region. 


‘These statements are unacceptable’ – he said. ‘We made an official statement that Poland is not willing to take the Grodno region over since this is just propaganda. There are no grounds for it and that kind of situation should not have appeared’. Szczerski also added that Belarusian Ambassador heard that from Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday. ‘We are obliged to repeat those words over and over, so as not to stick in somebody’s mind’. 


The President’s Chief of Cabinet evaluated that the situation in Belarus evolves negatively. In his opinion, Lukashenko sticks his statement that Russia may intervene and clearly states that he wants to cut ties with West. ‘This is an inconvenient situation for us because in Belarus there are many Poles who have to feel safe. This is our main aim’ – said Szczerski. 


Krzysztof Szczerski also turned to Polish politicians and publicists. ‘I appeal to all Polish politicians and publicists to speak more carefully. Especially when they say it of their own because each word said in Poland, in this tense atmosphere on the eastern border, may be used against Poland and Poles who live there’ – appealed.