The draft amendment to the Ministry of Health regulation concerning infectious diseases causing, e.g. isolation, hospitalization or quarantine and the obligation of quarantine or epidemiological surveillance, the Ministry specified the length of the isolation and quarantine concerning the COVID-19. The draft amendment to this regulation was published on the Government Legislative Centre’s website on Thursday evening. 


According to WHO recommendations, patients with COVID-19 diagnosis should be subject to 10-day isolation (in case of no symptoms) or at least 13-day isolation in case of the onset of symptoms, without prejudice to the lack of fever and no symptoms of the respiratory system. 


By this draft amendment to the regulation, doctor of basic health care, in case of patients with COVID-19 diagnosis, will decide, having regard to the regulation, whether the quarantine may finish, whereas for patients on hospital isolation about the discharge papers, the clinical doctor will decide. 


The quarantine, in the case of the onset of symptoms, will finish three days following the end of the fever and symptoms of the respiratory system, but not earlier than 13 days following the first day of symptoms. However, in the case of the onset of clinical symptoms, the quarantine may finish after 10 days following the date of being positively tested for SARS-CoV-2.


At the same time, the draft amendment to the regulation provides the shortening of the quarantine to 10 days for people who had contact with an infected person without symptoms. 


About the shortening or exemption from the quarantine will decide the District Sanitary Inspector.


The Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski informed about these changes on Thursday’s conference. He explained that these changes are possible thanks to ‘the scientific progress and better understanding of the mechanisms of the infection retention’.