"Today, Warsaw was dumping sewage into the Vistula again from 2 pm. Failure of Czajka. Again.", wrote Maciej Wąsik on Twitter.


According to the tweet published by Rafał Trzaskowski, there was a failure of the transmission pipe which leads to the "Czajka" treatment plant. At the time of the failure, the ozone treatment was started. The Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation stated that the President of Warsaw bears full responsibility for the contamination of the Vistula river. He also added that the case is to be further handled by the prosecutor's office. This is yet another failure of the collectors discharging wastewater from the left-bank Warsaw to the "Czajka" treatment plant. In August last year a similar failure occurred. At that time, the government decided to build a temporary pipeline, thanks to which the sewage was again transferred to the sewage treatment plant. The repair of the transmission system under the Vistula riverbed cost the capital city over 40 million PLN.