Since the last few days, there are protests in Belarus after the election in which Lukashenko got 80,1% votes. Thousands of our eastern neighbours take to the streets every day insisting on the repetition of the election. On the other hand, Lukashenko accuses e.g. Poland of inciting Belarusians and he convinces that manifestations are under Warsaws’s control.


Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin informed that Russia has formed a reserve consisting of law enforcement officers. ‘Russian forces won’t be used unless extremists cross the border and start an outrage’ said Putin.


As Grochmalski mentioned we have to be aware, so the activity of EU would not be so strong and it would not be received in the way that confirms Lukashenko’s accusations, about preparations of interference of the West in Belarus – he listed to show that our activities must be firm, but also we should observe the current situation. 


‘Lukashenko knew what he can experience so he outperformed some actions and he reorganised the pawn of government, because he changed the Prime Minister from technical to the one who is in good relationship with Russia and is acquainted with military personnel collaborating with Russians and Chinese’ – reminded Grochmalski.