Polish diplomat recollects that exactly 40 years ago striking shipbuilders and the representatives of communist regime signed an agreement. ‘The famous August Agreement was a political agreement. It led to the establishment of the ‘Solidarity’ and initiated the fight against communism in Poland and Eastern Europe. The systemic modernisation through political and economic reforms gave the chance to democracy, freedom and economic development. But not everywhere’ – said Sadoś. 


He emphasizes that now in Belarus, peaceful demonstrators oppose, one of the lasts in Europe, regime. They want exactly what the purpose of the ‘Solidarity’ was. The Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU says that when the regime does not want the dialogue and chooses the confrontation, it may postpone the changes or even will not stop them. ‘This was the case for Poland, where the martial law was implemented in 1981. The Polish nation prevailed in 1989’ – said Sadoś. 


The Polish Permanent Representative of Poland to the EU claims that it is unbelievable that in the XXI century, Belarusians had to wait a decade for free and fair elections. ‘The rejection of the dialogue with all oppositionists and orchestrate the tension may lead to difficult and serious consequences’ – he warns. Besides, he points out that a cautious attitude is needed, concerning behind-the-scenes changes under Moscow’s control since they will not bring the changes about which Belarusians dream.


The Polish Permanent Representative to the EU draws attention to the unleashing of the potential of a great majority of countries from central and eastern Europe and what is more, now they are fully taking advantage of the European common market, thereby driving the development of their economies. ‘Belarusians may succeed as mentioned above. There is no reason not to believe in it’ – he ascertains.