"Ladies and Gentlemen, dear farmers, inhabitants of the Polish countryside. Today, let these words  signify our commitment to the care for the Polish countryside. That is why a few weeks ago we managed to secure the largest ever funds for the Polish countryside - an additional 30 billion euros won in Brussels. This is, of course, a part of our commitment to eliminate the mistakes of the past, such as those committed during the transformation of the Polish political system after the fall of communism, towards some inhabitants of the Polish countryside. I am speaking about the inhabitants of those villages which in 1990-2000 were doomed to oblivion, to poverty. It is for these entire areas that from the next year we are starting a support program for these villages. I would like to thank you once again for this great effort of farmers' work. I bow to all farmers, because you combine tradition, culture, and faith with today’s world in the most beautiful way possible. However, you are also looking boldly to the future. A modern Polish village sets the directions for the entire Polish economy and that is why it is our Polish raison d'etat", stated Morawiecki during his speech in Bralin.