15th Running Pilgrimage to the tomb of blessed priest Jerzy Popiełuszk started on Sunday morning in Katowice. The ceremony was preceded by 7.30 mass in the church of The Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Katowice-Brynów and laying flowers at the monument of St. John Paul II. The participants of the relay race will run to the tomb of Fr. Popiełuszko in Warsaw. MP Bożena Borys-Szopa posted on her Facebook a scan of the Prime Minister's letter to pilgrims.

'December 16, 1981, is a day written in the pages of Polish history with the blood of the miners of the "Wujek" mine. Then, in the greatest massacre of martial law, the communist authorities showed their true, totalitarian face,' Morawiecki recalled in a letter to pilgrims.

'Today, almost 39 years later, we pay tribute to the nine killed miners and all the victims of that dark period,' the prime minister stressed.