The newspaper adds that the big question mark is whether the Law and Justice party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość – PiS) will manage to attract additional opposition MPs. The number of ministries will certainly decrease as part of the government reconstruction, but it is not known by how many. It is already known that the version with a 50% reduction is a thing of the past. The reduction is likely to be by a third.

It is becoming more and more certain that the incumbent Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, will leave the government. His place may be taken by the incumbent head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Halina Szymańska or Marek Gróbarczyk, whose Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation would disappear. It seems less and less likely that the Ministry of Agriculture will go to someone from the Polish People's Party.