The Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski asked by ‘DGP’ about the amount of daily infected cases and the pandemic said that ‘the epidemic has not ended yet’. He emphasised that COVID-19 epidemic had stabilized in Poland and the regional restrictions beard fruits. ‘We also do more targeted tests - we do them mostly on symptomatic people, so there are less of them’ said Niedzielski.


He stressed that the Ministry exempted those ending quarantine and isolation from testing, but reducing the scope of testing is not to detect fewer infections, but to make room for the testing of patients referred by family doctors. ‘Even 23 thousand of tests per day gave 400 positive results. It shows that positive results’ rate drops – there are more suspicions, which aren’t confirmed. It all depends on how children infect others.’ – he explains.


Niedzielski also referred to the COVID-19 vaccine. In his opinion, there are quite a few bold declarations that it will appear in December. Also, when asked about restrictions at weddings, he replied that in his opinion 150 people present at the wedding 'is not a rational number'. The Ministry considers exacerbation of limits of guest present at the wedding to 50 or 75.