PKN Orlen reminded that the beginning of the wind farm’s design has been preceded by long-term research on wind resources and geological shape on the seabed. The concern provided information that the completion of the work ‘will allow preparing the detailed investment schedule’. 


‘PKN Orlen has started the designing of the wind farm on the Baltic Sea. The preliminary technical and construction project will make the Offshore Design Engineering from the UK, which has over 20 years of experience in such projects’ – informed the concern in the announcement on Tuesday. 


The President of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek said that ‘a wind farm on the Baltic Sea is a crucial investment project’, which enforce the concern ‘as a leader of the energy transformation not only in Poland but also in Middle Europe’. ‘In the next few years we want to become one of the major producers of the green energy’ – emphasised Obajtek who was quoted in Tuesday’s announcement. 


The President of PKN Orlen admitted that ‘the clean energy on the Baltic Sea will get into the domestic electrification system’. ‘We want to support the economy and build domestic offshore capacities’ – announced.