"Impunity for officials" or "impunity plus"; this is what the opposition and the media call the amendment to the law that was debated in the Sejm today.

"No offense is committed by anyone who, in order to counteract COVID-19, violates official duties or applicable laws, if they are acting in the public interest, and if without violating those duties or laws the action taken would not be possible or would be significantly impeded", states the project of the bill. 

Only a few MPs of the Law and Justice party were present today in the plenary hall during the presentation of this project. Andrzej Kosztowniak presented the project.

"The proposed solutions do not introduce impunity, as some see it, but they rather regulate the rules for decision making in a state of higher necessity, because life and health are the highest values no matter how we consider individual goods", stated Andrzej Kosztowniak from the Law and Justice party. 

The deputies speaking on behalf of the opposition clubs harshly criticized the presented project.

"According to the Constitution, public officials act in the name of, and with respect for, the law. What will happen when there is no respect for the law? This is an outright assault on the rule of law", said Jarosław Urbaniak from the Civic Platform party. 

The project has been referred back to the finance committee. Tomorrow the bill will be voted in the Sejm.