An infectious-disease specialist works as the Chief of Infectious Disease and Pediatrics Department in the S. Żeromski Hospital in Cracow. Doctor Stopyra emphasised that children, in contrast to adults, rarely need ventilator during COVID-19. Only the most advanced cases go to the Żeromski Hospital. Therefore 30 hospital beds are occupied. Most of the little patients have underlying diseases like cancers, autoimmune or genetic disorders. 


Despite typical symptoms in the case of COVID-19, some neurological symptoms may also occur in children. The most common symptom is dehydration because when children lose taste or smell, they cease to eat or drink. 


‘Fortunately, in Poland, there was no case of a child’s death because of COVID-19; however, such cases occurred in France, Great Britain or the United States. Mostly, these deaths were related to Kawasaki disease’ – said Dr Stopyra. 


She also pointed out that there are more and more patients who got infected in schools or kindergartens. ‘The infections’ growth will still be cumulative. There are still many places where people do not have to wear masks, like schools or kindergartens’. 


‘Now we know that the outbreaks are there, where people do not wear masks. When we study outbreaks, we immediately see where people disobey the regime’ – said Dr Stopyra.