The doctors gave the green light for Roman Giertych to be questioned. The attorney still remains at the hospital after fainting when officers of the Central Anticorruption Bureau searched his near-Warsaw villa. He and Ryszard Krauze were both detained by the officers of the Bureau on the charges of acting to the detriment of a company listed on the stock exchange. The case regards, among other things, investments made in the Wilanów district of Warsaw. New facts regarding the investigations have emerged.

“The material gathered in the investigation points to the fact that the arrested participated in an organised crime of embezzling money from a company through stealing the huge financial funds they were trusted with, and then laundering them”. stated the Bureau.

Meanwhile, Roman Giertych claims that his arrest is purely political and serves to draw the public’s attention away from the critical situation with the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

“It is very cocky of Roman Giertych to think that his fate is somehow as interesting for Poles as the epidemiological situation and their fear for the health of their close ones. No! This theory makes no sense. What would make more sense is the theory of some of his defenders, that Giertych’s arrest serves to take a closer look at documents of some other cases as well.” commented columnist Rafał Ziemkiewicz.

“Roman Giertych and his friends make it out to be politically driven, but he is not a politician, that’s the first thing. The second thing is he operated in such dangerous areas of business that he could have expected to have a chat with the police or prosecution sooner or later.” followed another columnist, Marek Król.

The former leader of the Civic Platform party Grzegorz Schetyna defends Roman Giertych.

“I know that he can be direct and adamant…” said Schetyna. At this point the interviewer asked him: “So you would vouch for him now?” To which he responded by saying:

“Yes, of course I would! I am certain that he is an honest man.”

There were also discrepancies in the reports on the attorney’s health.

“Various tricks are used by people who get arrested. No matter what the truth was, the fact that Giertych fainted postponed the search of his house for the next 48 hours, since it has to take place with him present.” added Rafał Ziemkiewicz.

During yesterday’s operation, the officers of the Central Anticorruption Bureau arrested 12 people in total. New facts in the case of Giertych and Krauze are expected to be announced tomorrow.