‘For us, the former weeks are not a time for political actions, but for the support, those who are at the forefront of fight with coronavirus’ – emphasized youth activists of Law and Justice Party (PiS) on their Facebook’s account. 


Law and Justice Youth Forum also informed that they start their project ‘Solidary Youth’ on Saturday within the framework of ‘the web of social engagement in helping people affected by coronavirus’ pandemic’. 


‘We have to come back to the social solidarity and discipline, which we accepted a few months ago. We launch ‘Solidary Youth’ fan page, which will perform coordination centre function for those who are on the quarantine. Both in need and volunteers, which are prepared for bringing aid, will be connected through this fan page’ – Youth Forum wrote on Facebook. 


‘Devoting even one hour in a week, we can do the shopping, take out the rubbish or take a dog for a walk. For all of us, it is a small gesture, but for the needy, it may mean a lot’ – they added.


Youth Forum’s members also emphasized that the pandemic has not got any political meaning. They expressed the hope that in this initiative ‘every good man may get involved’.