The opposition filed three motions to postpone the session on COVID bills. The head of the Civic Coalition parliamentary club Cezary Tomczyk pointed to many mistakes in the drafts and to the fact that there was too little time to examine them. 

"You wrote that mothers who have just had their babies and are doctors can be called to work by the state... Only a few weeks ago we had cases where the state called to work doctors who had been dead for a long time... Is it really too much to ask for, to work on bills in peace, to have more than a dozen hours to examine them and to have a normal discussion?" said Cezary Tomczyk. 

Meanwhile, the deputy marshall of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki called the actions of the opposition blocking the work of the lower chamber of the parliament. He also proposed a two-hour break and a return to the session later tonight, but this was not accepted by the majority of the Sejm. The motion of Cezary Tomczyk was supported by 218 MPs. 207 MPs, including all the MPs of the Law and Justice party, were against the motion. 28 MPs of the United Right did not vote.  

"On the motion of the Civic Platform party the Sejm decided to postpone the session until tomorrow. I offered a compromise, to take a break for several hours, so the Platform could discuss the bills among its members. They rejected that. By that I understand that they want to postpone the bill. I am afraid it will also be the case with the Senate. I hope it doesn't come to that. In this situation, since the club of the Civic Platform party did not agree to the dismissal or modification of their motion I am forced to postpone the session of the Sejm until tomorrow 9 am. This means that the obstruction of the Sejm by the total opposition has succeeded and we can tell Poles that the bill will be delayed thanks to them." stated Terlecki after the motion passed. 

Among other things, members of the parliament were to vote on the draft of the ruling party which would remove responsibility from medical personnel for the time of the pandemic. Politicians of the Left party pointed to many mistakes in the draft bills. 

"This is the end of the time when draft bills are proposed ten hours before the proceedings of the Sejm. We will be fighting that as much as we can. We will not allow draft bills consisting of 49 pages and touching all of our lives, the lives of doctors, nurses and all other citizens, to be written on the fly and proofread for 5 minutes." Włodzimierz Czarzasty, the deputy marshall of the Sejm, commented on the matter.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was also expected to present the state's plan against the new wave of coronavirus infections. 

"In my opinion, it seems that in terms of dealing with the coronavirus the government chaotically makes quick and erratic decisions. There seems to be no strategy. When PM Morawiecki himself says that the restrictions are to allow us to survive until we have a vaccine, then I can't see much logic to that." said Paweł Lisicki, the editor-in-chief of "DoRzeczy" weekly. 

The MPs were also to vote on the new Ombudsman today. The session will resume tomorrow at 9 am.