"This bill is very important for Polish patients, especially for children and their parents. It is a state fund. The Ministry of Health will be responsible for it. I would call this an 'emergency fund’, because it is intended for rare diseases, and specific and difficult cases. The purpose of the fund is to support treatment of oncological diseases, especially in children. It is a huge amount of money, much higher than we planned to allocate at the beginning. At first, we planned to allocate 2 billion zloty, but thanks to our Prime Minister, we decided to allocate 4 billion, and I’m very happy about this. It is a huge amount. The fund will be divided into three sub-funds which will be intended for purchasing all kinds of expensive medical equipment if necessary, and for supporting innovative solutions. It may also be used in daily preventive actions against diseases which means that municipalities will be able to use it as well." said president Duda.