‘While comparing our data to other countries, it is clear what our strategy turned out to be successful. Today, we are stuck with this strategy – explained Prime Minister. 


He also added that ‘we have to be aware of further coronavirus’ waves because we do not know when the vaccine or medicine will be created’. 


‘During previous months, we made huge purchases. In the Material Reserves Agency, there are several million masks type FFP2 and FFP3. There are also a half billion disposable gloves! Further, there are face shields, three-layer masks. Only to schools, we delivered 75 thousand contactless thermometers and 20 million masks’ – enumerated Morawiecki.


Moreover, the Prime Minister referred to the test’s possibilities. ‘We have started with 4 thousand tests per day. How many tests can we make today? 80 thousand! Every day we improve our efficiency’ – explained. 


There are three main aims of COVID-19’s strategy. Firstly, we want to protect our health service. Secondly, we will cover the economy and workplaces and finally, the protection of the elderly. 


Despite the main aims of the strategy, Prime Minister also provided lines of defence against COVID-19. The first defensive line regards to the restrictions, Stop Covid app, sanitary conditions. The second one concerns the country’s health service and our sixteen thousand hospital beds. Then, the government plans to create an additional thirteen thousand coronavirus’ beds with the possibility to connect a ventilator. The last defensive line is to build temporary hospitals. In each voivodeship, there will be one.