The four lines of defense against the coronavirus pandemic presented by PM Morawiecki today are restrictions, public health care, increased production of hospital beds and the creation of temporary hospitals. 

"The epidemic strikes with a delayed result of 2-3 weeks, so now we have a rise in infections not only in individual sources but in the entire society. To stop its spread we introduced new restrictions in the beginning of October." stated Morawiecki. 

The head of the Polish government also talked about the changes to education - the higher classes of primary schools are to switch to remote or hybrid learning. 

"We will reorganise schools in such a system. Let us remember that for the youngest children, up to  9-10 years old, learning with other kids in schools is extremely important for their social development, according to children's psychiatrists and experts." he added. 

Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski followed, saying that more restrictions will be needed due to the rise in infections. The beginning of September noted 550 infections per day, today this number surpassed 10 thousand. 

"We are monitoring the number of the so-called red zones. Today, there are 300 red zones out of the 380 districts. We need to step on the breaks. We are not only defending the health of our people, but also our health care. Let's be clear - at this moment we are testing the capabilities of our health care." said Niedzielski. 

After the speeches of PM Morawiecki and Minister Niedzielski, the leader of the Civic Platform opposition party accused the government of avoiding the debate on the virus, since it was too busy tugging for political seats. He also gave the Prime Minister the projects of 16 bills prepared by the opposition. 

"You divided money among yourselves. Even in the last days you gave high bonuses to officials. Meanwhile, you left the Polish nation fending for itself. Today, there was another record number of infections - more than 10 thousand. 130 people died. People cannot get the emergency sanitary services over the phone. Schools have no instructions on what to do." commented Budka. 

"Mister Jarosław Kaczyński, Mister Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki... I am addressing both of you since I am not sure which one of you is the head of the government. I have been asking you a tough question for the past month - who will you take off the ventilator when the hospitals start running short?" followed Włodzimierz Czarzasty from the Left party. 

The Sejm also took on the project of the liberal parties about the law ordering to wear masks in public. The beginning of the vote is planned for this evening. Apart from the pack of COVID acts, the MPs are also to appoint a new ombudsman.