"443 MPs took part in the voting. 423 MPs were in favor of the bill, 11 were against, and 9 abstained from voting. The Polish Sejm has adopted a new bill on the introduction of changes needed to take action to counter the crisis situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic." said the Marshall of the Sejm at today's session of the parliament. 

"One of your ministers said that the gyms are closed because the ceilings are too low. I don’t know if you’ve heard this, but the purpose of the spaces left between machines at gyms is so that people don’t touch each other. You are sitting here on these chairs closer than people working at gyms. My question is very specific and it concerns the red zone: is there a pilot flying with you?" stated Adam Dziambor from the Confederation party. 

"Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced the creation of an enigmatic body for the protection of our seniors. Today, seniors are dying of fear in their houses. They were said not to leave their houses. They are dying of fear and they’re wondering whether the ambulance comes to them, whether a doctor comes to them, and they’re wondering if there is a place for them in hospitals." followed Iwona Śledzińska-Katarasińska from the Civic Coalition. 

"I would like to point out the good work done during these few hours by the Health Commission. Despite different opinions and disputes, we’ve done some good, efficient work. On behalf of the entire commission and the entire parliament, I hope that our work in such difficult conditions will bear proper fruit." added Tomasz Latos, the head of the health commission.