Today, the Ministry of Health noticed another record of coronavirus infections in Poland - more than 13,000 were detected, and over 150 people have died. The government announced that it was introducing new restrictions due to the increase in infections.


Besides, students of primary schools from the fourth to eighth grade are transferred to the remote learning mode to reduce social contacts and traffic on public transport. It is crucial to interrupt the possibility of transmission - said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the conference. Moreover, children up to 16 will not be able to stay away from home from 8 am to 4 pm without an adult carer.


The Prime Minister also informed about new restrictions in gastronomy. Bars and restaurants will be closed from Saturday. They will be able to spend their food only on take-out and in delivery. He also announced that the sectors affected by the restrictions would be compensated. In the coming days, the government is to develop a project to support these industries.


The government also decided to ban meetings of over five people so all sorts of meetings, activities, meetings. 'In recent days there have been meetings of large groups, and we are convinced that these meetings were sources and outbreaks of infections' - said the Prime Minister. Important exceptions are people living together and meeting for work purposes - e. g. construction workers.


'Seniors over 70 are asked for not moving, if possible, not leaving their homes' said the Prime Minister. He announced the creation of the Senior Support Corps, 'to take care of seniors who do not have home care, do not live with their family or the family cannot help them". Volunteers and scouts are going to work in it.