"Our aid was at the level of the rich West, because we didn't want to leave anyone without help," he stressed.

The minister remarked that the forecasts presented by the Ministry of Finance are much more conservative than indicated by the market consensus - "this is the role of the Ministry of Finance to assume greater risk in its forecasts". He added that according to the largest rating agencies our deficit should not exceed 10 percent GDP.

"We can also see it from tax data, which is much better than we thought a few months ago. Tax revenues, despite the worst economic slump in a hundred years, are almost at the same level as a year ago," he noted.

In his opinion, talking about the size of our deficit without reference to the wider macroeconomic context is pointless. "Poland will have a relatively high deficit, but at the same time one of the lowest GDP falls in Europe. This additional money spent will bring measurable results," the minister points out.