Protests have taken place for the third day running. Several hundred people gathered at noon in front of the headquarters of Law and Justice at ul. Nowogrodzka in Warsaw to protest against the tightening of the abortion law. Members of the opposition parties such as Civic Coalition with the President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowsk,i and the Left also showed up to protest against the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict. 

"We have one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, there was a compromise around it and, above all, a public debate, and today PIS in the epidemic decided to take one of the most controversial decisions, making the anti-abortion law in Poland, after Malta, the most restrictive in the whole Europe, actually creating a hell for women." SAID Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw.

“I once again appeal to the Ministry of Health, to the Ombudsman for Patients' Rights, to MPs, do something about it! We need a clear declaration to those who manage hospitals because women will mutilate themselves and may also die." added the director of the Federation For Women and Family Planning, Krystyna Kacpura.

The demonstrators marched from Nowogrodzka to the building of the Constitutional Tribunal. They chanted slogans such as: “disgrace”, "fight the virus, not women!", "We do not fold umbrellas" - the symbol of protests from 2016.

According to 2016 poll 84% of Poles believe that abortion should be allowed in a situation where pregnancy threatens the mother's life and 76% support it when killing the unborn is threatening her health. 74%  Poles supports abortion when pregnancy is the result of rape. 

When asked about abortion due to the bad financial situation of the mother - 81% of people were against. According to sociologists, from 1989 the opinion of Poles tilts towards limiting the abortion rights.