President was asked about protesters and whether his daughter Kinga Duda understand the women' s indignation. 'I am grieved by this situation. I understand women, which protest, I feel the situation, although everybody knows my belief and knows that I am the opponent of eugenical abortion'. 


'The regulations in this respect were not clear, and I have to agree with the Constitutional Court that they caused a dangerous situation. Let's talk about a high probability of severe or permanent disability of the fetus or the case of an incurable disease. I understand that the Constitutional Court considered that in the aspect of the constitutional norm, these grounds are insufficient. It is good to know that if we talk about fetus' injuries, lethal defects, which cause child's death right after the birth because s/he is not able to function independently, it is an extraordinary situation. If we look at the pregnant woman in such a situation, it is clear that the situation is dramatic. The lack of understanding is something with which I cannot deal with. This element has to be taken into account' – said Polish President Andrzej Duda. 


He also added that some regulations should be specified. 


'The situation, in which the opportunity of abortion completely disappears in case of defects, which cause the child's death right after the birth, for sure is not a situation with which I will agree. We cannot put women in such a situation. For me, it is obvious' – emphasised. 


'We all wait for the Constitutional Court's justification. We have to get to work and prepare the regulations with experts to specified this regulation. Children with Down Syndrome will be protected, but women will not be exposed to physical and mental suffering' – stressed Andrzej Duda.