‘The selfishness is the basic feature of left-liberal worldview. The selfishness rules the left-liberal and leftist worldview. Right here and right now is what they care about. Me, my pleasure, sensation, my quality of life. What will be in five, ten or even fifty years with my grandchildren and children (if I decide to have them) does not matter at all’ – emphasised Czarnek. 


The Minister of Education and Science was asked about young people in demonstrations on TVP Info air on Thursday. The protests started after the Constitutional Court’s judgement announced on Thursday (22.10.20) last week. 


‘Young people are rebellious and are maturing– we all went through this – but the difference between what is happening now and what was years ago or several years ago, is that we have been brought up in some sort of discipline and belief about authorities’ existence. Those authorities were at least our teacher’ – said.


The protests aim at bringing down the government


‘When our parents went for a parent-teacher conference, and we were good students, we were scared whether teacher might complain about us because parents considered teachers as authorities. We have to come back to those times because what is happening now, on the streets among youth is also the result of what has been happening since dozens of years in Polish education and at the universities. Things were not going to go well’ – assessed the Minister. 


Przemysław Czarnek also pointed out that during the previous 20 years, we were keeping quiet when our conservative, Christian worldview was getting pushed. ‘We were told to keep quiet, and meanwhile, democracy relied on preaching left-liberal views and in some point, we have reached to the left-liberal dictatorship, and now we have its results’ – said.