The former President of the Constitutional Tribunal was asked by ‘Dziennik Gazeta Prawna’ whether he follows what is happening. ‘I watch it with a disgust as a citizen and with sadness as a Catholic’ – answered. 


Rzepliński assessed that the protests by the churches are ‘unintelligible because people can stop going to the church. Nothing happens to those who do not go there. No one drags them there, no one stigmatizes them’. 


‘I think that rather priests are more scared during Christmas call because they face with rude response’ – added. He was also asked if he had any idea why people go to the churches. He answered: ‘And do you think that French riffraff behaves differently? And American riffraff is different?’. 


‘So, I have a question on my mind. Who stands behind them? Who stirs them up? Who promotes it? It is obvious that through social media some people might be created and promoted. We cannot eliminate that someone would like to, I will use Prof. Zybertowicz’s words, totally destroy Poland’ – pointed Rzepliński. 


‘Bishop should go there to those people’


In his opinion ‘it is getting worse because Church is burying its head in the sand, again’.


‘Bishop, who respects himself and respects his Church, should go to those people. He will not be killed, once spitted on his face, too bad. The mob’s/crowd’s law is ruling then’ – said the former President of the Constitutional Tribunal.


Rzepliński admitted that by using swearwords ‘they only escalate the dispute and lead to the introduction of anarchy in life, it is unacceptable’. 


‘There are troublemakers not only on the streets, but we also became lousier during those five years. (…) Everybody has secondary or even higher education and what of it? I want you to tell me: what of it?’ – asked Rzepliński.