The Polish Prime Minister explained the decision of his government with the fact that tradition is less important than human lives. The past few days have constantly seen new record numbers of coronavirus infection.

“We waited with this decision, because we lived with the hope that the number of infected per day would decrease at least a bit. However, it only keeps rising. We don’t want to raise the danger by allowing large groups of people to gather near cemeteries.” said Prime Minister Morawiecki.

It was also announced that all of the state administration will be switching to remote work. New conditions of quarantine for the relatives of the infected were presented as well.

“We want residents living with people who tested positive for the virus to be able to begin quarantine immediately, not after a phone call to the sanitary inspectorate. We assume that the quarantine begins automatically. Please, if you live with someone who catches the coronavirus, stay at home, stay under quarantine.” stated the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski.

Remote working was advised wherever possible.

“We are ordering the state administration as well as appealing to entrepreneurs, if it is not necessary for your employees to be present at your businesses, please send them home to work remotely.” added PM Morawiecki.

“Just to add on the quick diagnostic tests. We are currently carrying out many tests on people with symptoms and it does make a difference. This decision to focus most of our efforts on people with symptoms brings results, since we are able to isolate them.” followed prof. Andrzej Horban, the chief advisor to the Prime Minister on coronavirus.

Unofficially, it is said that new regulations could be implemented in the middle of November. So far, students in the youngest classes of primary school, as well as children in kindergartens and preschools will keep studying as usual.