"Taking into account the indications of the Constitutional Tribunal, this project provides for the introduction of a new premise that restores the possibility of abortion, in a manner consistent with the principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, only in the case of so-called lethal defects, when prenatal tests or other medical premises indicate a high probability that the child would be born dead or burdened with an incurable disease or defect, leading inevitably and directly to the child's death, regardless of the therapeutic measures applied." said the Polish head of state about his idea.

Today, there have been another large pro-choice protest in Warsaw, gathering thousands of young men and women. Similar demonstrations have been taking place in Poland since several days. The protesters started gathering on the streets following the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal stating that the so-called eugenic reasons for abortion are not in accordance with the constitution. This means that women in Poland will no longer be able to undergo abortion if there is a strong possibility that the child may die upon birth. The Tribunal debated on the abortion bill on the motion of pro-life communities which argued that many mothers asked for abortions when they discovered that they children could be born with i.e. the Down syndrome, which under Polish law constituted the eugenic reason.