There are approximately 22,000 coronavirus infections daily in Poland these days. Habilitated doctor of medical sciences, Ernest Kuchar, a specialist in infectious diseases at the Medical University of Warsaw, stated that the number of new cases is not frightening yet.

"It is hard, but similar difficulties occur each year in the fall and winter. In the peak of the flu season, there are 100,000 cases a day. The health care system is currently burdened, but it is still efficient," he said.

According to Kuchar, some effects of the introduced restrictions are noticeable today.

"If we did nothing, the increase in morbidity would be three times higher every week. We do not have such an increase, however, some effects of the restrictions are visible. This is not a decrease, it is not a stabilization yet, but it is slow growth. If we had really followed these recommendations, we would have had a decline, probably," he assessed.