“I believe that in the crucial objective of fighting the pandemic we will all behave responsibly. We all need to rise to the occasion. Hence, I appeal to the participants of the recent protests and to the opposition. Let us resolve this issue by talking, not by walking out on the streets and putting others in danger. The epidemiological situation is very serious and our decisions may at first seem difficult to understand. I will attempt to shed more light on them on my social media accounts. We are amidst special holidays, a time for reflection and praying for our relatives who have died. This year, this holiday is very hard for all of us. I am fully aware that many of you are angry and frustrated with this. I understand these emotions. I myself would like to visit the graves of my father and sister, pray, say a few words, honour the memory of many heroes who lie in the Powązki Cemetery. We made these decisions on the basis of many consultations and analyses of experts. Journeys and family meetings are today too great a danger. Especially for our seniors, grandfathers and grandmothers. Responsibility must prevail.” stated Prime Minister Morawiecki in his speech.