Not long after the Independence March Association announced that despite the pandemic this year’s edition will take place as usual, the spokeswoman for the Warsaw city hall Karolina Gałecka announced that Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski had asked the provincial governor for an opinion on the event. According to the Warsaw officials, the event could pose a serious threat to the public due to the high number of coronavirus infections in recent days. 

„The Independence March is an annual gathering. The provincial governor registers these kinds of events. In 2017, the governor for Mazovia registered the March as an event for the years 2017-2020. When it comes to the current pro-choice protests and strikes let me remind you that these are spontaneous, not registered and can be dispersed only by the police. The Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, takes part in them as a representative of the city and unites with the protesters, but does not encourage anyone to organise strikes or protests.” said Gałecka.

Meanwhile, the main organiser of the event, Robert Bąkiewicz, says that he has no intention of listening to any side of the political disagreement. As he told us, given the fact that the event is cyclic, the organisers have no obligation to register the event with the capital’s centre for emergency management nor to listen to the opinion of the Mayor. 

„Mister Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski takes part in the feminist strikes, alongside radical neo-Bolsheviks and has no problem with that entire circus (...). Dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Poles will want to come to Warsaw on November 11th and show their love for their country. Under the current law, we can organise the march.” commented Robert Bąkiewicz.  

The provincial governor has not yet spoken on the matter. His spokeswoman Ewa Filipowicz is currently on sick leave. From what we managed to gather, it looks as though the governor’s office will not be providing any new information in the next few days.