The press conference was on the National Stadium (known also as PGE Narodowy). The temporary hospital, which is on the National Stadium, has been in operational readiness since yesterday. A ‘test patient’ went to this hospital on the same day. 


‘From this place, from National Stadium, where during the previous two weeks or less, the temporary hospital was being created. I want to thank you dear medics because due to you we feel safer’ – emphasised Prime Minister. 


‘We earmarked all the funds and intensity to enlarge hospital’s and hospital beds’ bases. Never in the history of recent years did so many people owe so much to so few – doctors and healthcare providers’ – stressed Mateusz Morawiecki. 


Prime Minister also emphasised that anyone who protects his/her life protects also others life. ‘We have to break the infections’ chain and enlarge the hospital beds’ base to cure those who will get infected with COVID-19. Today (5.11.2020) the first patient is going to this temporary hospital’ – added. 


‘We will have to live in the sanitary regime for a long time in order to come back to normality. We have to break the infections’ chain. I ask all of you for collaboration and engagement into the fight against epidemic’ – said.