Polish Parliament adopted on Thursday (19 Nov 2020) a resolution supporting the Polish government’s actions concerning the budget’s negotiations in EU. The resolution calls for negotiations and reaching an agreement which will be compatible with EU’s treaties and July’s conclusions of European Council summit. 


For adopting a resolution voted 236 MPs, therein 5 MPs of the Polish Coalition: Paweł Kukiz, Paweł Szramka, Stanisław Tyszka, Jarosław Sachajko and Stanisław Żuk. 


Kukiz emphasised that right before the resolution’s announcement he had expressed his opinion. 


‘I think that the lack of the interpretation of the rule of law underdeveloped issues what the rule of law really is. It means that everything might be considered to this’ – he said. 


‘My conscience tells me that without the interpretation of the rule of law, Poland might be controlled from the outside and I don’t want it’ – emphasised.