President Duda thanked medics for ‘incredibly decent attitude to represent the Poles’ abroad. 


‘You went there to bring aid, to deal with the unknown, because at that time during spring, coronavirus was something new here in Europe. It was something that came and initially it aroused with surprise, sometimes even with a smile, but then it started to arouse with terror’ – recollected Andrzej Duda. 


He emphasised that doctors engaged in a medical mission in Italy ‘did not hesitate to go there where there was the worst’. 


‘There, where others ran away from, you went, to help, to fulfil the Hippocratic oath, to serve another human, to fight as our soldiers in some way. You fought for our and your freedom and to learn how to fight with coronavirus in the most efficient way. Thank you’ – said Duda. 


Doctors from the Military Medical Institute and Polish Centre for International Aid left to field hospital in Brescia in March to support military health service in the epicentre of coronavirus’ epidemic in Lombardy. 


The mission aimed to exchange the experience concerning forms and ways of organisation of the national health care system from the point of view of efficiency of managing the epidemic SARS-CoV-2. The mission was realized by Military Medial Institute with the involvement of the Polish Centre for International Aid. 15 people took part, including 7 doctors ‘intensivists’ and medics of other professions.