The Law and Justice Party has increased its advantage over the Civic Coalition. The difference is over 10 percentage points. The latest IBRiS survey for Onet shows that Law and Justice can count on 33%. support - an increase of 4.3 percentage points compared to the previous IBRiS survey.


The next in the list is the Civic Coalition, for which 22.3% would vote - a decrease of 2.4 points. per cent. The Left would also enter the Polish Parliament (7.1 per cent, increase by 0.1 percentage point) and the Polish People's Party (6.1%), an increase of 1%). 


The survey also asked for support for Agrounia, which organizes farmers' protests. Agrounia can only count on 2%. of votes. 


Just over 50 per cent of respondents declared that they would have participated in the parliamentary elections if they had been held this Sunday. The answer to such a question was ‘definitely yes’ 31.7%. The number of respondents, in turn, 20.1% said ‘rather yes’.


More than one in four respondents said that they would ‘definitely not’ vote in the elections (26. 3%). The answer ‘rather not’ was 18.4% of the respondents. In this case, 3.6% s/he doesn't know or have no idea if he would have decided to do it.


‘In pre-Christmas research, we generally observe some repetitive behaviour - reduced interest in politics resulting in drop-in support for virtually all political actors and, at the same time, an increased percentage of undecided people. This is not an ordinary year and this is not an ordinary Christmas, but it seems that the impact of the Christmas preparations, as well as the fundamental redirection of the respondents' attention from public affairs to Christmas, can describe the reasons for what we see in these results’ – said about the survey Marcin Duma the Head of IBRiS