The Chief of the Chancellery of Prime Minister and the Government Representative for the vaccination program Michał Dworczyk said in Program 1 of Polish Radio that on Monday the European Medicines Agency (EMA) would approve the evaluation of Pfizer’s vaccine. ‘If the vaccine was released to service on the EU territory and company’s declarations were fulfilled, all European countries, according to European declarations, would be able to start the vaccination program on 27th of December. However, it will be the first lots, not the mass vaccinations’ – emphasised Dworczyk.


Muller was asked in Radio Zet on Saturday whether the EMA would approve the vaccine and consequently, the vaccination program would start in a week on 27th or 28th of December or not. ‘It is the realistic deadline’ – he answered. ‘If the vaccines’ delivery gets to Poland, they will be distributed immediately’ – added Muller. 


‘For now, there are many thousands of doctors, medical staff and people who work in hospitals and nursing homes and who are eager to vaccinate themselves’ – he said. ‘The amount of people willing to vaccinate is sufficient to start the vaccination process without delay’ – added the government spokesman Piotr Muller. 


Muller also said that public persons and those who have an influence over decisions and want to vaccinate themselves are invited to do it publicly or to inform publicly. He announced that he and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki would vaccinate themselves. 


On Tuesday (15 Dec 2020), Council of Ministers adopted the National Vaccination Program which aims at leading the population’s immunity in 2021. Vaccines against Covid-19 will be free, voluntary and two-dosed. The program foresees vaccinations of workers of the health system, health departments and nursery homes firstly.