The representatives of the National Women's Strike have repeatedly made further demands to the government. The so-called ‘Consultative Board’ brought together in one place those demands, which the most frequently occurred during protests. These are, among others, the issue of abortion and the fullness of women's rights, the rights of the LGBT community, the introduction of a secular state and the removal of religion from schools, the remedying of the climate catastrophe, the abolition of the so-called ‘mandate contracts’ in the labour market, protection of animal rights, education and health issues.

After almost two months, editor Tomasz Lis buckled up the activities of the Women's Strike. 

‘There is only one party that has not increased its support after the Women’s Strike protests. Which one? The one who wants a legal abortion’ - the chief of ‘Newsweek’ confesses disarmingly, pointing to the Left.

He goes on to admit that ‘Poles have the views they have, not the views big-city cafés would like them to have’.

According to Friday's Ibris survey for Onet, the Left can count on 7%. of support. The last Kantar’s survey gives the Left 8%. The Pollster Research Institute’s survey, carried out for "Super Express" on the 12th of December, places the Left in fourth place with 6.03% support.