On Sunday, the Rzeczpospolita website published an interview with the Leader of PiS Jarosław Kaczynski, which is about to appear on Monday’s ‘Rzeczpospolita’. Kaczyński was asked whether Mateusz Morawiecki would be the Prime Minister until the end of his term of office or not.


‘I would really want it. The probability is very high,’ said the Deputy Prime Minister. 


In turn asked whether he sees himself and Morawiecki in a sort of tandem, in which each of the politicians' deals with something else, Kaczyński admitted that ‘the division of roles undoubtedly exists’.


‘This is a division which we very often talk about with Prime Minister Morawiecki, with each other - directly or by telephone - about all important matters, sometimes privately,’ he said.


The Leader of the PiS was also asked by the ‘Rz’ about the alleged differences between him and the Prime Minister of, inter alia, the strategy toward the European Union. 


‘Not only did I support the Prime Minister, but also I participated in this all,’ Kaczyński replied.