The Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that 36,628 beds and 3,090 ventilators are prepared for COVID-19 patients. All over the country, the pool of vacant beds is 17,729, and the pool of respirators amounts to 1,358.

The collected information shows what the situation looks like in individual provinces.

For example, in hospitals in the Lublin voivodeship, for 2,334 beds for patients infected with coronavirus, 1,325 are occupied. Out of 131 ventilators are occupied 218. Compared to the situation from the previous week, the number of occupied beds is lower by 66, and the number of occupied respirators is by 5 less.

In Mazovia, 5,151 beds are intended for patients with coronavirus, of which 2,672 are used by patients requiring hospitalization. Regarding respirators, of the 442 available devices, 281 are in use. It follows that 2,479 beds and 161 ventilators for COVID-19 patients remain available in Masovian hospitals.

On the other hand, in hospitals in Podkarpacie, for 1982 Covid-19 beds, 830 are occupied by patients with COVID-19. Out of 173 ventilator beds 89 are occupied.