President of Warsaw’s Family Physicians Dr Michał Sutkowski, commenting the first COVID-19 vaccines’ delivery, said that we are not aware of how important it is.


‘We have a remedy against the disease that can destroy our individual lives, but also our collective ones. If we cannot get 95% ill, that is a revelation. I can't worry about anything today. It is not so that I am not receiving polemic voices or someone's doubts, but today I am happy of science force,' said the expert.


According to him, the number of deaths on COVID-19 must always be in front of the eyes to know how serious is the threat we are measuring. 


'Today we have a vaccine. The work of hundreds, like not thousands of scientists, has become a body. These people must be given a monument - scientists, laboratory workers, and also heroes of the Polish vaccinology. The vaccine development process was a common start. Many research teams around the world have been involved, so it has been fast and safe. We are participating in history. Due to vaccine, we can stop something that could paralyze our world for a few decades,' said Dr Sutkowski.


He called for Poles to be vaccinated, to listen to those who have knowledge about it. He added that if everything went well, the problem of the crown should disappear from the headlines. 


He admitted that the benefits of vaccination had to be shown. 


‘We like focusing on the downsides, but let's see how many benefits are there,’ he added. 


According to the expert, many people have become too quick to get used to restrictions. He assessed that the good side of the coin was that people were complying with them, but the bad habit of losing normal education in schools and universities, normal social life, meetings in restaurants, lost holidays or holidays.  


‘When you look at it, don't get used to it. We have a vaccine that allows us to restore the world's normality. Let us use it,' he appealed.