I feel fine, I do not have muscle pain, so far it's fine,' said the director of the Temporary Hospital at the National Stadium, Dr Artur Zaczynski, who was vaccinated against COVID-19 on Sunday. We did over 20 per cent more vaccinations than we assumed, he said.


On Sunday (27 Dec 2020), in the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Warsaw, the first person was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Poland - the Chief Nurse of the Hospital Alicja Jakubowska. She was vaccinated by Dr Artur Zaczyński, who then underwent the procedure himself.


When asked in a Monday interview on TVN24 whether he was experiencing any side effects after the vaccination, he replied that ‘apart from the mild pain, as after every injection, there is no redness’.


‘I'm fine. I do not have muscle pain. It's okay for now’ - he added. 


Dr Zaczynski pointed out that on Sunday he also called the Heads of the Clinics supervising the vaccinations, who ensured that all of them were cunningly well.


He informed that on Sunday over 200 people were vaccinated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration’s hospital and on the National Stadium. 


‘Today is the next shift. We have secured vaccines. We know that a new batch of vaccines will arrive in a moment. What's surprising and pleasing is that at the moment these vaccinations appeared, people who came in addition to those who hadn't come in earlier (…), but arrived yesterday and were vaccinated. We did over 20 per cent more vaccinations than we assumed’ - emphasized Dr Zaczyński.


He announced that the vaccination campaign among doctors will last two or three more weeks. He expressed the hope that reason will prevail in society on the issue of vaccination. He argued that vaccinations are needed and have repeatedly changed the ‘course of our fate’. 


During today's press conference Wojciech Andrusiewicz, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Health informed that on Sunday, about 1,000 people were vaccinated and about 2000 people from medical stuff. 


‘A large number of hospitals declared that they will vaccinate its staff on Monday with doses that came to Poland as part of the first delivery’ - he added.


The first delivery of vaccines arrived in Poland from Belgian Pfizer’s warehouse in Puurs on Friday. The transport went to the warehouse of Material Reserves Agency in Wąwal near Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Here, it was separated and reached 72 hospitals. There, the first vaccinations against COVID-19 started on Sunday. 

By the end of January, Poland should receive 1.5 million doses of the vaccine. The National Vaccination Program assumes that at first, health care workers will be vaccinated (doctors, nurses and pharmacists), Nursing Homes (DPS) and Municipal Social Care Centers (MOPS) staff, as well as auxiliary and administrative staff in medical facilities, including sanitary and epidemiological stations. Then seniors, uniformed services and teachers will be vaccinated.