During the press conference, a spokesman of the Ministry of Health stressed that we are not dealing with the weakening of the coronavirus epidemic. 


‘According to the announcements, increases in infections are recorded. Nearly 13 thousand today, so it's not like we're dealing with an inheritance or weakness. We return to the pre-Christmas level when we recorded at 10-13 thousand of infections a day’, he explained. 


‘This is how it will look during the working week’, he added.


He pointed out that the next days would be a little different - they would be comparable to Christmas. 


‘Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, the next day is New Year and then the weekend. What will happen at the end of next week depends on how we spend New Year’s Eve. Are we going to stay on these daily reports at 10-13 thousand or will we have to 20,000? It depends solely on us - whether we stick to restrictions tomorrow or with a wink of the eye, jokingly, whether we all go out with this proverbial dog. Or will we spend this New Year's Eve in a certain rigour and distance, because it is all for our good - said Andrusiewicz.


Answering one of the questions from journalists, he said that our behaviour on Christmas would be visible in the reports at the turn of that week and the following one.


‘I also note a jump in the number of deaths [in today's report]. For comparison, on Monday, when 29 people died and were reported. It is also a testimony that hospitals work in a limited way on Christmas days. Hence the transmission of death reports is postponed. As we have seen in recent weeks, many deaths that have occurred over the weekend are reported around Wednesday’ – emphasised Andrusiewicz.


On Wednesday (30 Dec 2020), the Ministry of Health informed about 12 955 new coronavirus infections, the vast majority of cases were detected in Mazovia - 1 600. 565 people died.