At least, seven people died in the earthquake in Croatia - one in Petrinja, five in Majske Poljane and one in Žažina. 26 people are injured and six of them were in serious condition.


The epicentre of Tuesday’s earthquake was 3 km away from Petrinja, the city in which there are more than 15.000 inhabitants, 47 km away from Zagreb. The tremors were felt throughout Croatia and far beyond its boundaries - in Hungary, Austria, southern Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia, as well as in many parts of Italy, from Bolzano in the north to Naples in the south. 


On Wednesday morning, the earth shook again - three strong tremors of magnitude from 3.9 to 4.8 hit the areas of Tuesday's earthquake again. According to the Croatian seismological service, the epicentre of the tremors was located 12 km northwest of Sisak at a depth of 8 km.